Natural Resource Inventory – Town of Deerfield, NH

The Town of Deerfield Conservation Commission invites qualified natural resource professionals experienced in the preparation of natural resource inventories with relevancy in data collection, fieldwork, mapping, scientific writing, and public engagement to submit proposals to develop a resource inventory for the town of Deerfield, New Hampshire. Please see the document located here for information regarding the RFP.


Natural Resource Teaching Position

Alvirne High School in Hudson, NH is searching for a replacement Natural Resources teacher to take over a Career Technical Education (CTE) course for the remainder of this school year. The course meets daily from 7:25 am – 8:45 am and includes hands on coursework with time in the school’s greenhouse, with their aquaponics and hydroponics systems, and in their 126-acre forest. Ideally, Alvirne High School is looking for one individual to take over the course, with the potential to continue in the same capacity next school year. However, the school is open to creative solutions in the short term to finish out this school year. The course description is provided below: 

To conserve, manage, and protect the biodiversity of our planet is critical for human survival. The management of Earth’s natural resources is essential to keeping our communities safe from need in the 21st century, ensuring we have water to drink, food to eat, air to breathe, and materials for shelter. Activities covered in this course include identification and classification of plants and animals, forest & wildlife ecology & management, invasive species, biodiversity & habitat loss, climate change, and alternative energies. Considerable class time will take place outdoors where students will be involved in hands-on learning in Alvirne’s 126- acre registered NH Tree Farm. Students will be introduced to a variety of tools and technologies used in natural resource management and conservation, including remote sensing with satellites and drones, computer-based mapping with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and handheld Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Anyone interested or with questions regarding this opportunity should contact Eric Frauwirth (Director of the Palmer CTE Center at Alvirne High School) via email ( or phone (603-886-1260 ext 75008).


Fish and Wildlife Biologist

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking for a Fish and Wildlife Biologist working in East Orland, Maine, for the R5-Maine Ecological Services Field Office. Please see link below for additional information and the job application.