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A message from your NHANRS Membership Chair


2022 Membership Dues are Due!


Our 2022 Annual Meeting will be held virtually on two half-days, January 28 and February 4, 2022! We have a great program of topics and speakers planned, including an opportunity to hear from some of the regulators that we work with. To register at the member price, your membership renewal must be received by January 20, 2022! We look forward to connecting with everyone!


Not planning to attend the Annual Meeting? Please send your membership renewal anyways. An up-to-date membership assures that you will be on our e-mailing list to receive announcements about the workshops planned for 2022, and you will get member pricing on them. Don’t let your membership expire – Take an important step towards maintaining your professional credentials and staying connected with your fellow practitioners by renewing your membership today!


Sarah Barnum, Membership Chair


Why Join NHANRS and What are Some of the Benefits?


NHANRS is an excellent professional development investment for those having an interest in wetland and natural resource sciences. Whether you are a seasoned professional, just starting out in the profession, or are interested in learning more about wetland and soil science, a NHANRS membership can benefit you.

NHANRS-sponsored workshops provide affordable opportunities for natural resource professionals to obtain valuable information and earn credit hours in areas of wetlands and soil science, ecology, and wildlife biology. Foresters, general ecologists, biologists and geologists would benefit from a NHANRS membership as well.

As a NHANRS member, you’ll receive exclusive:

  • Discounted admission into NHANRS-sponsored workshops and events
  • Representation and advocacy on wetland and natural resource policies at the local and state level
  • Current issues of Resource, an electronic newsletter containing the latest NHANRS news and scientific technical articles
  • Email notification of all of our upcoming events
  • Networking with the leading natural scientists in the state
  • Meetings and an annual conference with workshops in each of our disciplines
  • Continuing education hours to maintain professional licenses and certifications

Membership Levels and 2022 Dues

Active Members – Regular $160.00, Senior (age 65+) $100.00

1. All Active Membership applicants must satisfy the requirements set forth in either A and C, or B and C below:

A. Active Members shall be certified by the NH Joint Board and should include a copy of their certification when applying.

B. Active Members shall be natural resource science professionals having a Baccalaureate degree, with a minimum of 20 semester hours in soil science, wetland science, and/or other natural resource sciences, and must have been engaged in the practice of such profession for at least three years; however, persons having an Associate’s degree and six (6) years of practice in one of the natural resource science fields may be accepted as Active Members. Persons holding advanced degree(s) in relevant natural resource sciences may substitute a Master’s degree for one year of practice and a Doctorate degree for two years of practice. The advanced degree must be in the discipline to which membership is being applied. In no case shall less than one year of actual practice be accepted.

C. Additionally, applicants must be sponsored for membership by two active NHANRS members in each discipline applied for. Please enclose a copy of Joint Board Certification and Sponsor Forms, or a transcript, resume and Sponsor forms when applying.

2. Have voting privileges.
3. May serve on the Board of Directors or Chair standing committees
4. Senior-Active Members shall be those Active Members who are 65 years of age or older.

Affiliate Members – $95.00 Annual Dues

1. Any person with an interest in the natural resource sciences. 2. Do not have regular association voting privileges. 3. May be appointed to committees and do have voting rights on that committee. 4. Do not have to be sponsored but must be approved by the Board of Directors. 5. Affiliate Membership is not open to certified professionals.

Public Sector Members – $45*
*Must provide current proof of working in the public sector. 

1. Any person with an interest in the natural resource sciences that is currently an employee or volunteer of a government agency 2. May choose to be a member under the Affiliate Membership or Active Membership if all the requirements outlined above for Active Membership are met. 3. Active members have voting privileges and may serve on the Board of Directors or Chair standing committees.

Student Members – $25.00 Annual Dues*
*Individuals must provide proof of current student status. Sponsorship is not required.

1. Must be enrolled full-time in an associate, undergraduate or graduate-level program, and have an interest in natural resources, including but not limited to wetlands, wildlife, plant sciences, soils and water resources. 2. May serve on committees and do have voting privileges on committees. 3. Cannot serve as committee chairs or as Directors and do not have voting privileges at regular Association meetings.

Conservation Commission Group Membership – $30.00 Annual Dues*
*Individuals must provide proof from municipality of current Commission membership with any event or
workshop registration

1. Any Conservation Commission established by Town Vote and operating under the requirements of NH RSA 36-A may become an Association member as a group. 2. May serve on committees and do have voting privileges on committees. 3. Cannot serve as committee chairs or as Directors and do not have voting privileges at regular association meetings.


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