NHANRS Soil Test Pit Workshop


Conducting Test Pits in Sands  

May 27, 2022  

8:00 am to 2:00 pm


Are you rusty? Do you need a refresher on the difference between fine sandy loam and loamy fine sand ? What is the difference between Massive and Single Grain? Are you looking at relic mottles or current redoximorphic features? Does landscape position influence your determinations?

After a long two years of the pandemic come shake off the rust and jump into a test pit. Record your observations and data, interpret the seasonal highwater table. Can sand be poorly drained? See everyone in person!

This workshop will be entirely outdoors, rain or sunshine. Please dress appropriately. Bring color books.

No lunch will be served. Refreshments and snacks will be available.

The moderators at this workshop will be Karen Dudley and Pete Whitcomb

This workshop will focus on methods to identify amphibian larvae and major aquatic invertebrate groups associated with vernal pools. The majority of time will be spent on using microscopes and appropriate keys to identify preserved amphibian larvae and invertebrates. A portion of this workshop will take place in the field and focus on field methods for identification of amphibian and aquatic invertebrates. Participants should wear field clothes and bring a hand lens as well as waders or other appropriate foot gear.

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